Handicap and 3 methods of play to win

Handicap and 3 methods of play to win

The Asian Handicap, also known as the Handicap, is the type of bet that is chosen by a large number of players. With fun, balance, and creativity in their options, Handicap always makes players feel excited when betting odds on football. In this article, with betting experience learn about this type of rafters and know how to improve the winning rate when participating in Handicap rafters.

There are 3 simple methods that you can apply to make money with the above bet type when participating in football betting. However, it should also be noted that in order to understand the method, you also need to have a brief understanding of Handicap, such as how to play, types of handicaps, and technical terms. .

1st method

The first method is to focus on small handicap bets. “Small handicap” here is understood as matches with a handicap of 1.5 or less. Usually, choosing the home team will have an advantage, but in the case of a stronger away team, in the opposite mortgage, the home team is in the range from 0.5 to 1 left, and the power correlation between the two teams is not balanced. That is, since the home team is on the bottom and the away team is on the top, you should choose the bottom.

When betting on football, you may encounter a match with two sides of equal strength; this time you should choose the home team. Before the game, when the handicap drops, it means that the house is overestimating the bottom team. Therefore, you should bet on the underdog, and then the odds will be higher.

2nd method

The second method is to compare them with European rafters. It sounds simple, but this method is extremely effective for players at the house. In the case where the European bet is more inclined to the tie, i.e., the odds of the tie are small, while the Asian handicap increases to 0.25, the player should bet on the home team. On the contrary, if the Asian handicap tends to decrease but the European handicap does not change much, the bet on the away team will be a potential winner.

3rd method

Only hitting the upper door is the 3rd method that we introduce. This method is really very simple, but not many players are consistent enough to apply it. The anxiety next to the thought of placing a heavy emphasis on surprise in football makes many people always lack confidence in the stronger team. However, let’s look at it more broadly and ask the question: for the big clubs in most leagues in the world, how many times in a season do they usually have a leg? Are the results of Barcelona, Real Madrid, PSG, and Bayern mostly winning?

In fact, the big teams rarely win and rarely lose in the domestic tournaments. Therefore, feel free to choose the upper door every time these teams play. You may still have a loss, but the rate is always lower when compared to winning. As long as you are consistent, winning is extremely simple.

With the above three methods, wish you always win when participating in betting in the form of Handicap.