Another award has been received by Keen Thinking Ltd (under the Cash Simply brand), and this one is for its payroll solutions.

Another award has been received by Keen Thinking Ltd (under the Cash Simply brand), and this time it is for its payroll services.

Managing Director David Thornhill received the 2006 Media Today Business Achievement award for Payroll Solutions on Thursday, August 10.

It is always gratifying to hear others praise the quality of the provider you supply, according to chief executive Tom Atkinson. This 2006 award, which follows a similiar one from East Midlands Press in 2005, is a welcome recognition of the great offerings provided by the fantastic team formed here at Vantage Point and helps maintain everyone’s morale and motivation.

Along with winning honours, Keen Thinking has also contributed to, sponsored, and judged other people’s awards. Tom Atkinson has served as both a judge and a presenter at the National Business Awards, Cash throughout the past three years. The 2005 Argent Suffolk Recruitment Consultant of The Year award, won by Kate Burgess of Hales Personnel, was simply sponsored and donated, and in addition to funding that award again this year, it is also supporting a similar award for the 2006 London and South East Region (to be provided on the Britannia Hotel close to Canary Wharf on the twentieth October). Tom Atkinson also serves as a judge for a different Award category at that occasion.

Tom claimed that I recently added the award category “Recruitment Consultant of The Year” to the company. While “Best Agency” could imply something, we must never undervalue the invaluable contribution that recruitment consultants contribute to the UK economy. Without them, the market for ongoing activities could significantly slow down. Many individuals are unaware that recruitment consultants are responsible for the work that results in over $4 billion in permanent placement costs annually and the employment of approximately 1,000,000 temporary workers daily. I developed a national Recruitment Consultant of The Year Award as a stand-alone honour to recognise the extraordinary in securing those accomplishments that had previously gone unrecognised by any national or local accolades. I’m overjoyed that it’s now a regular category at recruitment award ceremonies across America, and we’re happy to be able to be associated as the sponsor for that most important category.

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